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An English Sojourn

An English Sojourn
Judul : An English Sojourn
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Judul : An English Sojourn
Pengarang : Che Husna Azhari
Penerbit : Furada Publishing House
Genre : Travelog
Mukasurat : 200 halaman
Cetakan Pertama : 2008
ISBN : 9789839974874

Nota : Buku ini diterbitkan di dalam Bahasa Inggeris dan pada setiap permulaan bab disertakan lukisan warna-warni oleh Rosdan Abdul Manan.

"An English Sojourn" is a book that was written for a period spanning more than three decades; from the early 1970's till the early 2000's. It is written throught the eyes of a few protagonists, both male and female. The setting is England, starting with the England of the labour strikes of 1973 passing throught the Thatcher years until the mid '80s. The last story was set in malaysia, after the protagonists have returned home, serving like a prologue to the wending of the traverses of the protagonists in the earlier stories. The storyteller "I" is a young Malay Muslim female student in Mr. Malek;s Breads (1973 - 1975), The Malay Commie (1976-1979) and When Will Irish Eyes Smile (1976-1979). The "I" in the Man Who Came in From the Rain, Redha's Natalie Wood, The Weeping WIllows of Saltash, The Murabit of Norwich and The Running People had grown up with a family (1980-1985). The stories Jawad's Mother and My Friend Narjis are both told by men. A Third World Radical is a current story. The characters in each story are all different and each protagonist tells a story at a special time but all stories are told in the first person. This is the trademark of the storyteller, Che Husna Azhari, who always does, if she could help it, writes in the first person.


Mr. Maleks' Breads
The Malay Commie
When Will Irish Eyes Smile
My Friend Narjis
The Man who Came in from the Rain
Redha's Natalie Wood
Jawad's Mother
The Weeping Willows of Saltash
The Murabit of Norwich
The Running People
A Third World Radical
The Complete Work of Che Husna Azhari