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Melor in Perspective

Melor in Perspective
Judul : Melor in Perspective
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Judul : Melor in Perspective
Pengarang : Che Husna Azhari
Penerbit : Furada Publishing House
Genre : Esei dan cerpen
Mukasurat : 189halaman
Cetakan Pertama : 1993
ISBN : 9789839974823

Nota : Buku ini diterbitkan di dalam Bahasa Inggeris.

Preface :

It might seem strange to many to see an essay at the beginning of a collection of short stories. In this book, however, the essay is firmly in place because I feel that many of the nuances and peculiarities that make up the whole social spectrum in my stories can only be explained by the inclusion of this essay, a historical (very briefly) and political commentary of Melor, the village-town which I have used as a model as well as a setting for the many characters in my stories. Having said that, I must also mention that the collection of short stories may be enjoyed by the reader without first resorting to the essay. The choice is entirely up to the reader.

In writing about Melor's political and cultural history and how it has shaped the present generation, I have also encapsulated the political and cultural life of Kelantan itself. Melor, with its people and its peculiarities, is a microcosm of Kelantan life. The characters in the coleection are native to other parts of Kelantan as well. The complex character of Pak De Samad, a 'gedeber' and hit man, seeking sanction from the local 'alim', The Imam, a central figure of moral authroity; the country doctor, a man constrained by his heritage; mariah, the beautiful independent Kelantanese divercee; Inayah, the restless soul looking for a solution out of a political and spiritual dilemma; YB (The Honourable) Adnan, a man ostracised because he actively refuted his cultural affiliations: all a woven into the fabric of Kelantan life.

All the characters presented in this collection are real or as real as told to me, although I must admit that I have indeed taken great liberty with the characters, some of whom might not even be amused. I have clung to the usage of original Kelantan words when they have been found to be untranslatable. I di so for two reasons (1) so as not to impair the story and (2) our of my own stubbornness. Readers may find the glossary at the end of the book helpful.

~ Che Husna Azhari


I    Melor, From Founding to 1955, The State Elections
II   The Kaum Muda - Kaum Tua Debates of the 1930's - 1950's
III  Women in Melor Politics
IV Melor, 1955 - 1990
V  Epilogue

Oral Sources of Information

I     Mariah
II    The Country Doctor
III   Of Bunga Telur and Bally Shoes