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The Rambutan Orchard

The Rambutan Orchard
Judul : The Rambutan Orchard
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Judul : The Rambutan Orchard
Pengarang : Che Husna Azhari
Penerbit : Furada Publishing House
Genre : cerpen
Mukasurat : 79 halaman
Cetakan Pertama : 1993
ISBN : 9789839974823

Nota : Buku ini diterbitkan di dalam Bahasa Inggeris.

The Rambutan Orchard is Dr. Che Husna's second book, one about the time-space she grew up in and which she likened to a paradise-haven world of her childhood. she will take you through a journey-breathtakingly alive and fresh - from childhood to adulthood transversing the colourful and the realities of rural Malaysia.

Preface :

I wrote "The Rambutan Orchard" for everybody, adults and children alike. The stories are about children; written of course by an adult; a returning adult, so to speak. My Rambutan Orchard, which I likened to a paradise-haven world of my childhood, grew to lose its innocence in my process of growing up.

I grew up on a diet of the Jannah Stories of my mother; my earliest identification with the world, with Existence, was the Orchard-Paradise. Hence I began the novella with the Garden Green, an allegory of the other Garden. The ensuing stories then annonate my process of growing, of losing innocence until the Epilogue, which by then has progressed into an 'adult's story'.

We follow a child's growing up from a child of six's viewpoint (Mamuk The Rolling Ghost), then one of eight (The Village Wali, The Mascot) then one of ten (The Boy who Spoke Sparingly) till adulthood (Epilogue).


The Rambutan Orchard : The Garden Green
Mamuk the Rolling Ghost
The Village Wali
The Mascot
The Boy Who Spoke Sparingly
The Rambutan Orchard : Epilogue