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A Summer Blizzard In Sydney

A Summer Blizzard In Sydney
Judul : A Summer Blizzard In Sydney
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Judul : A Summer Blizzard In Sydney
Pengarang : Ishak Salleh & Daud Awang
Penerbit : Institut Kajian Sejarah Dan Patriotisme Malaysia (IKSEP)
Genre :  Sejarah
Mukasurat : 139 halaman
Cetakan Pertama : 2004
ISBN : 9832600154

This is a true story about Abdul Samad Amjah, a Malay from Pangkalan Raffia, Melaka who defied the White Australian Policy introduced by the Australian Government during the 1850'S. He unflinchingly refused to accept the policy of racial discrimination and fought it for the sake of his family.

Summer is usually the best part of the year with the sun shining brightly. A blizzard during summer is certainly not welcomed for it spoils the beauty completely. This is the metaphor to Abdul Samad's life who had to fight against all odds to get the Australian permanent resident's status.

In 1946, Malaysia was only known as Malaya, a colonized state but a Malay man was brave enough to venture to Sydney armed only with his ability to speak English. This is in line with the present government's policy that encourages Malaysians to master the English Language besides honouring the national language.

May this story of the Malay courage and altruism be an inspiration to young Malaysians. Pak Samad is a true Malay in every sense of the word, his years among the Australians never affected his Malay accent nor his Malay culture and beliefs.

 Abdul Samad Amjah, left his family at the age of 18 to venture into the world as a seaman in the British Navy. His travels took him to Australia during World War Two after he was wounded while serving on a ship on its mission to help the Australian Army. In Australia, he married a beautiful Irish Aussie girl, but the White Australian Policy threatened to shatter his young family. He battled against the policy, appeared in court, went to prison and appealed against the verdict. His determination and bravery was very commendable and should be an inspiration to the younger generation of Malays to persevere in any difficulties in order to be successful.


1. See You In Court !
2. The Princely Sum Of The Bail
3. Seven Days Of Separation
4. The Battle Of Words
5. The Verdict
6. Amjah Defense Commmee
7. In Court Again
8. At The Appeal Court
9. The Good News
10. End Of A Nightmare
11. The Federal Government Withdrew The Appeal
12. The Bilingual Service
13. Pangkalan Rama
14. Life Of A Seaman
15. On The Brink Of Death
16. My Sweetheart
17. Deportation
18. Auxiliary Police In Singapore
19. 1948 -Back In Australia
20. My Home For The Homesick
21. Filial Children
22. The Centre Of Attraction
23. Time Flies (1983)
24. Malay Australian Association Of New South Wales (M.A.A.N)
25. White Australian Policy