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Admiral Zheng He

Admiral Zheng He
Judul : Admiral Zheng He
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Judul : Admiral Zheng He
Pengarang : Yusof Liu Baojun
Penerbit : IKSEP
Genre : Sejarah
Mukasurat : 96  halaman
Cetakan Pertama : 2004
ISBN : 9834182805
Soft Cover

Admiral Cheng Ho, also pronounced as Zheng He in standard Mandarin, was the greatest Chinese Muslim envoy and navigator. His Muslim name was Ma Sanbao (better known as Sam Poh or Sam Poh Gung). He was a well-known historical figure in China and the Southeast Asian countries. During the 15th century, Zheng He spent 28 years on the South China Sea, the India Ocean, the Persian Gulf, and the Red Sea during the course of his seven voyages.

Unlike Western colonialists in early times, who used the advantage of military power and equipment to colonialize many nations, during Zheng He's voyages to many countries with his huge fleet, he pioneered and established friendship and reciprocal diplomatic relationship with others. In return, he was remembered in China and abroad with the existing historical sites and connected with him as concrete proofs to affirm this fact.

The publication of this book is to unfold the historical elements Zheng He, as well as to continue Zheng He's benchmark of enhancing harmony, understanding and friendship especially to promote knowledge about Chinese Muslims and their contributions to human civilization. In 2005, it will be its 600th anniversary of Zheng He's World exploration which started in 1405. .This publication is therefore tribute to this historical event.


The Introduction of Islam into China
The Silk Road on the Sea before Zheng He's Great Exploration
Some Important Port Cities in China
Zheng He and His Great Exploration
About Zheng He
Zheng He's Great Exploration
The significance of Zheng He's Great exploration
Zheng He's Muslim Aides
Some Zheng He's Contributions to the Chinese Muslim Communities
Some existing historical sites and relics relevant to Zheng He in China, Southeast Asia and Africa
Some Chinese Muslim Influences in Malaysia
Zheng He and Melaka
The Story of Princess Hang Li Poh and Melaka
Malaysian Chinese Muslims growfh since the Independence
Famous Personality
The "Big Mosque" in Kampong Ulu, Melaka

Some Chinese Muslim Influences in Brunei
Some Chinese Muslim Influences in Indonesia
Author's Biodata
Chinese Translation