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E-Commerce Services And Applications

E-Commerce Services And Applications
Judul : E-Commerce Services And Applications
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Judul : E-Commerce Services And Applications - A Practical Guide
Pengarang : Lee Sai Peck , Mohammad Zahidur Rahman
Penerbit : Penerbit Universiti Malaya
Genre : Ilmiah
Mukasurat : 182  halaman
Cetakan Ketiga : 2003
ISBN : 9831001737

The aim of this book is to provide a simple, comprehensive and practical explanation on services and applications supporting electronic commerce (e- commerce) activities, as well as to provide an introductory ,guide to e-commerce development projects of any scale. In order to achieve this aim in a more practical manner, we focus on the technical perspective of e-commerce in Part I, by illustrating and describing some common techniques, tools and technologies used to develop e-commerce services and applications. We believe the features and benefits of e-commerce cannot be fully understood without looking in detail at its various models, activities and services, as well as at how various existing tools and technologies of the Internet may be used to support e-commerce applications development.

With the widespread use of the Internet and its related technologies, e-commerce has been recognised as an area that would flourish rapidly both in the software industry and business environments. It is with this potential of e-commerce that we intend to write a book to progressively illustrate and explain, through examples and case studies in Part II, on how the various concepts and features of e-commerce can be effectively used and realised for conducting online business transactions.

Due to its infancy, existing books on e-commerce seldom deal with e-commerce services in a complete manner. We intend to gather the details of all possible e-commerce services in this book and highlight their underlying issues so as to provide readers with a complete guide on e-commerce services and applications presented in an easy-to-read manner .

This book is suitable to be used as a textbook or an introductory guide for any course related to electronic commerce or web commerce. It is also relevant to be used as a reference book or supplement for courses related to Internet-based development in e-commerce, enterprise-wide information systems and web-based systems development. The intended audience of this book comprises of beginners, undergraduate and postgraduate students, web developers, software engineers, tool builders, and other members in the development team.

This book is briefly organised as follows:

Part I covers the technical aspects using core e-commerce technologies, security features and services.

Chapter 1 introduces the paradigm shift that motivates the increasing role of electronic commerce. It provides a detailed introduction to the e-commerce arena and describes some issues related to cyber law, as well as giving some ideas of the recent cyber laws drafted for governing e-commerce activities in Malaysia and the United States.

Chapter 2 provides essential information on different technologies normally used in e-commerce activities. It describes e-commerce technological capabilities and defines details of how to use different design tradeoffs. It also compares different architectural concepts that support e-commerce.

Chapter 3. This chapter surveys key security technologies that contribute to an overall security solution and establishes a vision for how they will interact with various e-commerce entities.
Chapter 4 includes some introductory techniques for electronic data interchange (EDI) .It provides a detailed description of different technological aspects of EDI. It also provides a guide for understanding and exploiting available standards of EDI and shows how an organisation can leverage these standards in e-commerce activities.

Chapter 5. As auction is one of the growing e- commerce activities. Various auction flavours, both in real life and e-commerce arena have already been practised in different services.

Chapter 6, we introduce JIT for different e-commerce activities. Other e-commerce activities, such as just-in-time production and online banking, are getting firm ground in daily activities. In order to cater for only the necessary inventory, just-in-time (JIT) production has been introduced in the relevant industry. Its related technology and techniques have now been used in different areas of e- commerce.

Chapter 7 introduces online banking in detail, in which some explicit banking concepts and techniques are studied. This new technology may face some troubles initially. In order to stem out the problems, some important guidelines for online banking are presented.

Chapter 8 concludes the theoretical concepts introduced for different e-commerce activities.

Part II extends the available technologies for e-commerce and demonstrates live e-commerce tools for different e-commerce activities.

Chapter 9, some practical aspects related to web-based auctions are discussed

Chapter 10 and Chapter 11 Shopping cart and ED related implementations are respectively discussed

Chapter 12. Some new technologies related to sealed-bid auctions are presented