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How To Write A Thesis

How To Write A Thesis
Judul : How To Write A Thesis
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Judul : How To Write A Thesis
Pengarang : Azirah Hashim
Penerbit : Penerbit Universiti Malaya
Genre : Ilmiah
Mukasurat : 87  halaman
Cetakan Pertama : 2005
ISBN : 9831002660

This book is meant for anyone who is planning to write a dissertation or thesis at masters and doctoral level. It is also recommended for those who are writing an academic paper, be it a research article or a project paper. It is suitable for anybody who is in the midst of writing and encounters problems with the organisation, language or style in different disciplines.

The number of postgraduate students in universities in Malaysia is on the increase in both the Masters and the Ph.D. programmes. This brings about a more and more urgent need for assistance to be given to these students on how to present their research in an acceptable standard of academic writing.

Writing a dissertation or thesis is a formidable task for many postgraduate students especially for some who have never written a document of this sort. A dissertation or thesis requires a student to not only describe a piece of research carried out but also to be able to argue logically and coherently, review literature in the field and situate the research in a wider research  context.

Common problems faced by students besides having enough knowledge of a particular research field is organisation of information, clear academic writing, relationship with the supervisor and the lack of social networks. This book is an attempt to help students overcome some of these problems.

This book has been written in a simple style with non-native speakers of English in mind. With the help of examples given from various disciplines, it is hoped that this book will be a useful companion to the dissertation/paper writer during his/her often long and arduous journey on the writing road.



1 Academic Writing
2 Is it worth researching?: The Research Proposal
3 What is it about?: The Abstract
4 Capturing the readers: The Introduction
5 Who, what and how: The Methods
6 What's new?: The Results
7 Why is it important?: The Discussion
8 The key points: The Conclusion
9 Giving credit: Citations
10 The final touches: Editing