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Public Speaking And Presentation Skills

Public Speaking And Presentation Skills
Judul : Public Speaking And Presentation Skills
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Judul : Public Speaking And Presentation Skills
Pengarang : Kulwinder Kaur Sidhu
Penerbit : Penerbit Universiti Malaya
Genre : Ilmiah
Mukasurat : 107  halaman
Cetakan Pertama : 2005
ISBN : 9831002997

Public Speaking and Presentation Skills This book consists of six chapters, preceded by an introduction. The Introduction explains what is public speaking and presentation skills. In order to deliver a good speech, one must first think of a topic, then narrow it down to what is achievable in the time frame given to deliver the speech.

Then one has to sit down to put the speech together . This is discussed in Chapter One. A good introduction, followed by an effective body and a memorable conclusion results in a good speech-all these aspects of speech writing are dealt with in Chapter One.

Delivering your speech involves taking into consideration content and body language and these are discussed thoroughly in Chapter Two. Also discussed are stage fright and ways to overcome it. Some warming up exercises are discussed which can relax a speaker prior to his or her speech presentation. Both content and effective delivery are important and a speaker must excel in both.
Chapter Three delves in detail on body language which includes posture, movement, facial expressions, gestures and eye contact. This is what the audience sees but does not listen to. What they see is also important and thus body language is also a vital part which cannot be left unattended. It has to be refined and practiced.

Chapter Four discusses "Using Visual Aids" which make a speech appealing and more interesting. To lure audience's attention to a speech, the speaker has to decide what visual aids to use to go in line with his/ her thoughts on a particular topic. Visual aids like pictures, slides, transparencies etc. if prepared well and used effectively add force to your speech and leave your speech memorable. Description of visual aids and their uses are discussed thoroughly in Chapter Four .

Assessment of public speeches is discussed in Chapter Five. Two evaluation forms, one for informative speeches and the other one for persuasive speeches are discussed. The different criteria under delivery , content and language are discussed one by one.

Criteria for an effective public speech are given in Chapter Six. Reasons for Malaysian students' lack of confidence in delivering speeches and the remedies are given in this chapter .

This is a book written in simple language for anyone who wishes to make a public speech. It discusses the elements that go into making a successful and effective speech. A speaker has to put in a lot of hard work to ensure that the audience likes his or her speech. What aspects must you work on to overcome stage fright? Well, this book is the answer. Go through it leisurely. By following it, I can assure you that all your nervousness will just vanish away and out will come a bubbly individual all ready with a lot of confidence and who is thoroughly prepared to move forward to the lectern to deliver a powerful and effective speech.



1 Putting Your Speech Together
2 Delivering Your Speech
2 Body Language
4 Using Visual Aids
5 Assessment
6 Criteria For An Effective Public Speech