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The Art of Naming

The Art of Naming
Judul : The Art of Naming
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Judul : The Art of Naming
Pengarang : Nor Faridah Abdul Manaf
Penerbit :Awards Publishing
Genre : Kumpulan Puisi
Mukasurat : 123  halaman
Cetakan Pertama : 2006
ISBN : 9834278403


Introduction by Professor Susan Sheridan

The Art of Naming
Masterton (at 18)
Standenham Palace,Wellington
MSD Officers
english classes at waikato
english dorm mates and the muslim gals
albert dock and river mersey
the guys at mulberry court, liverpool
Flinders, South Australia

Poems of People and Places
Love Thoughts (in memory of...)
Memories of the old bicycle
From Apollo to Tun Teja
I Had Asked Too Much
The Art Collector
Cultural Diversity
Balancing acts in Hanoi
New Zealand Revisited
Hamilton in the new millennium
(in remembrance of the work of a Pakistani architect)
I will cry in your shadow of living
(for a dear friend in Arlington)

Poems of Islam and Islamicity
The Veil Which is Me
Sufi Love
(for a friend who knows what she wants)
The Taliban Poetry
The Veil, My Body
Ramadan Rain
After Teraweh Prayers
The Last Malay Woman
(in remembrance of Wa Ijau@Siti Rahmah)
On the death of a great man
(in memory of Abdul Manaf Mohd Dawi who died on 1981)
I will not apologise
They were there

Mad Woman in the Attic
In the meeting room
Gender equality
Us/Them Divide
Women's problems
Tribute to good men
Male gaze
Farewell motherhood
No sex talk here
Farewell womanhood